Did you know that we can baste your quilt top?

July 18, 2012 at 9:04 am | Posted in Basting a quilt | 2 Comments
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Does finishing  a patchwork top bring on a sinking feeling because you know that you have to baste the top, batting & backing together before you can finish the quilt?

Well quilt basting doesn’t have to be a chore, it can be as easy as a visit to your local machine quilter.

We use a large stitch and a 4″ grid to machine baste the quilt sandwich

We don’t even require you to make a booking, as it is one of the quilting jobs that can be slipped into the schedule between the custom quilting jobs to give us a “change of pace”

Our basting is completed by machine, using a large stitch and a 4″ grid, so the quilt sandwich is held firmly in place for you as you quilt, and we use our usual, good quality thread  …. Aurifil Cotton Mako’ of course …. in a neutral colour.

Our customers, both hand and machine quilters, tell us that they love working on the quilt sandwich after it has been machine basted. In fact I was inspired to mention our basting service after one of our customers delivered another quilt top and said that “deciding to have her quilt top machine basted was the best decision she had made.”

  • No more bending over a table or kneeling on a floor
  • No more aching hands from pinning the layers together
  • A light quilt sandwich, that isn’t full of pins or plastic tags
  • Best of all, the layers don’t shift as the quilt is manipulated in the hoop or under the machine

So next time you finish a patchwork top think of us and pick up the phone to contact us to  arrange to deliver your quilt to be basted.


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