Machine basting is a wonderful service for quilters who want to  complete their own quilts. Now it is possible to enjoy your quilting, by hand or machine,  without having to first spend time securing the three layers together. 

With my quilting machine I can sandwich the quilt top, batting and backing together with a large basting stitch and return your quilt to you ready for you to complete the quilting.

If you choose, I can even combine quilting and basting on the one quilt.

An example of this combined service would be to ask to only have the diagonal lines on a “Double Irish Chain” quilted and to have the open spaces between the lines  basted. This allows you to spend your precious time hand quilting the motifs in the plain squares. 

Removing Machine Basting Stitch

  1. Machine basting forms a stronger stitch than hand basting so care should be taken not to distort the fabric when removing the stitching.
  2. Cut threads with a “quick unpick” and remove in small sections.
  3. Do NOT drag long lengths of thread through the fabric.
  4. Remove needle marks by gently rubbing spot with your finger nail.
  5. If needle marks persist, gently rub area with a slightly damp cloth and leave to dry.
  6. Please note that it is difficult to remove needle marks from some “polished” cottons and decorator fabric.

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