Custom Quilting

Custom Quilting is designed to work with, and complement, the patchwork. 

This applique quilt was finished with a combination of feather motifs & background filler stitching

Quilting plans within this category may include 

  • edge to edge work positioned over the body of the quilt with a separate design stitched around the border.
  • ditch stitching, 
  • inset motifs
  • line dancing & outlining 
  • fine background stippling or other fillers
  • grids & open cross hatching, 
  • freeform interpretive designs using feathers, flowers and other intricate meander designs.
  • the stitching may be extremely close and/or involve extensive stops and starts. 
  • baptist fan & other circle designs 
  • close grids & cross hatching, 
  • echo quilting
  • very fine stippling 

This quilt has had the embroidery blocks ditch stitched and framed with a sash design. The embroidery has been supported with a background filler design and the piecing has been cross hatched.

 Trapunto custom quilting is also available. 

Using thread colours to complement the quilt.

When stitching custom quilting it is possible to change thread colours to blend, or highlight, different features of the quilt. However a thread change fee does apply when more than one colour of thread is used in a quilt.

Speciality threads such as variegated, heavier weights and metallic thread are all available when Custom quilting.

The use of metallic, & some heavier weight threads is not recommended on bed quilts that may require regular laundering.

100% Cotton thread is used for all quilting, unless otherwise specified by the customer. Read about the threads and see the extensive colour range of Aurifil  Cotton Mako’ threads, our favourite threads.

Aurifil Satin finished Aurilux polyester threads are also available for use on art quilts, wall hangings and tops where you want a touch of “jazz”.


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