Edge to Edge Quilting

Edge to Edge Quilting is a continuous line design worked from one edge of the quilt to the other, and repeated from top to bottom of the quilt. With this style of quilting the patchwork design is not used as a guide for the  placement of the quilting pattern. 

Edge to edge quilting designs can work quite nicely over traditional patchwork designs

Where possible I like to interlock the rows of stitching rather than stitching separate rows, lined up like soldiers.

 Interlocking means there are more rows of stitching on the quilt but it gives a softer appearance to the quilting.

If for some reason less quilting was desired then I would adjust the size of the pattern but still retain the interlocking nature of the pattern.

When should you choose Edge to Edge Quilting?

  • It is an economical method of quilting utility quilts.
  • It provides a balanced proportion of stitching over any quilt 
  • It allows the light & dark colour play to feature in a charm quilt without highlighting any particular part of the design.

The close, rounded & echoing nature of this edge to edge design worked well over this quilt

Which pattern should you choose?

  • There are many pattens available to suit a wide range of quilts.  
  • Think about the recipient of the quilt.  
  • Should the image be youthful? .. feminine? .. masculine?  
  • Think about the fabrics in the quilt.
  • Should the image be … floral? .. linear? .. circles? .. points?
  • Curved quilting balances straight line piecing & vice versa 

This open, geometric edge to edge design is useful on masculine quilts

 Is the thread colour important?


A neutral, blending thread colour means that the quilting texture is noticed more that the actual stitching line.


  • Yes the colour of the thread used for the quilting is important to the finished result!
  • By its nature Edge to Edge quilting only allows for the use of one colour of thread over the entire quilt. 
  • Therefore you need to decide whether you want the thread colour to disappear into the pattern with only the shadow of the quilting showing over the quilt.   
  • Whether you want the stitching to add an extra decorative dimension to the quilt by being visible over the piecing.
  • It is also possible to use the thread to soften “harsh” colour jumps in the piecing by choosing a colour that will bridge the gap between the colours.
  • 100% Cotton thread is used for all quilting, unless otherwise specified. Read about the threads and see the extensive colour range of Aurifil  Cotton Mako’ threads, our favourite thread.
  • Aurifil Satin finished Aurilux polyester threads are also available for use on art quilts, wall hangings and tops where you want a touch of “jazz”.

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