Should you include batting when delivering a quilt top to Always Quilting?

  • I am happy to use the batting that you provide when I quilt your patchwork.
  • Please be sure to cut it at least 15cm longer & 15cm wider than the quilt top. (eg: Length + 15cm ….. Width + 15cm)
  • However I am able to provide batting if you prefer and will always have one of the Australian wool mix battings in stock. Either :-

Nuwool from Southern Wool Products Pty Ltd
60% wool 40% polyester – heat bonded
240cm wide in Natural


Matilda’s Own  from Victorian Textiles Pty Ltd.
60% wool 40% polyester  – needle punched scrim
240cm wide in Natural or Charcoal

  • Other batting may be available on request.

How should you prepare the batting that you are providing?

  • Pre-shrink cotton batting according to the instructions on the packaging unless you plan to wash the quilt, after quilting, to achieve an “antique” wrinkled finish.
  • Check that the batting is at least 15cm longer & 15cm wider than the quilt top before packing.
  • Fold the batting separately to pack. There is no need to join the three layers together (top, batting & backing) when using the services of a professional machine quilter.

Do you need to join the batting to make it large enough?

  • Please be sure to cut the batting at least 15cm longer & 15cm wider than the quilt top.
    (eg: Length + 15cm ….. Width + 15cm)
  • You may need to join 2 pieces of batting to make a piece large enough for your quilt.
  •  If stitching the batting pieces together, I  recommend that you do this by using either of the following methods:

Butt 2 straight edges together and hand stitch using a “tailor’s ladder basting” stitch or a very long & wide machine zigzag stitch


Overlap the 2 pieces and cut a wavy line before butting the edges together and stitching as above

The wavy line method helps to strengthen and disguise the join.

A specialist tape is now available to “stick” the butted edges of the batting together

Go Shopping for Batting and joining tape


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